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Financial Planning – What’s it all about and why do I need it?

One of the world’s top ten biggest fears is financial independence. The ability to know your financial future is safe and secure and what you are doing now will support you and your loved ones right through into your retirement years.

Imagine if your savings, investments, or property income was to fall short of what your needs were in old age? It would be too late by that stage to save more money, raise more capital take more risk to get more reward.

What’s your number?

If you were to win a life changing sum of money today, what would it be and why? Is that enough?

Some people may say £1m would do them, but would it? What plans do you have, what would you like to do, where would you wish to live, travel or work? If you’re not working for an income how long can the £1m support you and your family?

Our financial planning report (Lifetime cash-flow analysis) Click here to Download, will show you how your financial future will look in fine detail.

Our planning review aims to show you your own individual plan. A plan that covers all of the following areas of advice to make sure you and your family have the financial future you want:


Is it tax efficient or can you look at making all income sources pay less tax. We will show you how.


We will analyse where and how you spend and develop a plan to reduce this in most cases by 15%.

Savings and investments

Your rates of return, ISA’s, use of bonds and the effects of inflation on all of these. Here we work on finding you better rates, lower risk or more diversified investment plans with lower costs.


In terms of savings and investments risk means different things to different people. Inflation, savings rates, institutional risk (bank you have it with), investment (company you invest with), diversification (are all your investments in one basket – i.e. all property, or all in stock markets). We will help you to lower your personal risk and diversify what you hold to meet you long and short term financial planning goals.


Mortgages, overdrafts, loans, we look at how you have structured all of these and work out how to reduce the costs and lower the length of payback, giving you more money to do the things in life you want to do.

Tax implications

Personal allowances are they being used, your employment status and how you take income, capital gains tax (CGT), inheritance tax (IHT), business property relief (BPR), holdover relief (HR). Tax means lots of things to lots of people. We unravel the mystery for you.


We look at all of your protection needs in detail:

What if you were to die tomorrow? How would your debts be cleared? How would your family manage without your income? Are the plans you have suitable, tax efficient and affordable. Types of plans you may have or are considering are:

  • Life cover to repay debts
  • Replacement income for your family on your death
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Accident sickness or illness cover

Do you really need all of these?


Do you wish to save or invest for their education fees or simply be able to afford a small savings plan each month to get them started later in life. Here we look at products available to you right now to achieve this.

Estate Planning

A valid will that means your wishes being respected on your death.

Effective use of trusts to eliminate probate costs on your death, ensure assets are passed to loved ones, mitigate losses in the event of bankruptcy or divorce.

Lasting powers of attorney for you. How would your family or business cope if you lost capacity due to illness or injury and were unable to manage your affairs?

We will look at your family or personal circumstances and give you a bespoke plan to reduce your risk and make sure you’re fully protected. In some cases this means paying less money each month.


How much income do you need? How do you know? What plans do you have for retirement, holidays; travelling etc. how much will all this cost and can you afford it? Our bespoke financial planning tools will show you your income and expenditure until age 100. This gives you piece of mind that all your life goals are achievable and maybe even at an earlier date.


Do you have old plans from an ex employer or simply plans that have become frozen (paid up)? We can use these funds in your plan to help shape your financial future.

We may well be able to utilise old pensions within a commercial business you have to help that business grow. Contact us for advice.

Long term care

Does someone in the family require care? We can help you and them manage their affairs to be able to afford better accommodation outside the home or within their own home.

Charges / Fees

What What is involved? Cost
Financial review meeting

1 hour meeting at home or work, to review your current and future financial plans.  Feedback given on how to move things forward.

Paid for by Tyre and Hart Financial Planning

Implementation of financial planning meeting

Reviewing current plans
Researching marketplace to find solutions to your needs

Fee based dependent upon your needs and administration and para-planning costs.

Annuity purchase

Telephone consultation on what type of annuity to purchase and search of entire marketplace


Bespoke financial plan
Lifetime cash flow

2 hour meeting and all research as above but with lifetime goals discussed in depth.  Creation of bucket list and annualised income and expenditure report.

See example report here:
Click Here to Download

£1250 inclusive of VAT
Mortgage or re-mortgage Review of exiting plans, research, and application made until an offer is accepted.

Dependent upon the case.
Ask the adviser for a quote.


Our advice is fully independent and we search the entire marketplace to offer you the best advice. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Tyrer and Hart Financial Planning is a trading style of Assured Wealth and Estate Planning Limited is as appointed representative of LJ Financial Planning Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 582900.

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