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HMOs (house in multiple occupation)

Firstly it is important to know if your property is classed as a House in Multiple Occupation, as this will determine if extra fire safety measures or even a licence is required.

To be an HMO the property;

  • Will have one or more units of living accommodation which are not self-contained flats.
  • Will be occupied by people who do not form a single household
  • At least two of the households share one of more basic amenities (toilets, washing facilities, cooking facilities)

As 2 people sharing are excluded from the definition of an HMO, in brief and in general 3 or more occupiers of two or more households will be regarded as occupying an HMO.


An owner occupier with more than 2 lodgers can be an HMO

More than 2 Students living in shared accommodation where they have exclusive use of the whole house is an HMO

A flat-share with 3 or more tenants not related to each other is an HMO

A house split into bedsits where the tenant has exclusive use of their room but shares a kitchen or bathroom and WC

HMOs and licensing

An HMO will need a licence if it has 3 or more storeys with 5 or more people living in it.

  • Three or more storeys (this includes cellars, basements and loft conversions).
  • Five or more tenants forming more than one household.

Download Liverpool City Council’s HMO Guide for Landlords Download Liverpool City Council’s HMO Guide for Landlords

You can apply for an HMO licence here You can apply for an HMO licence here

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